19 de jan de 2017

Post de Teste 3

Legenda teste.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is to date my most favorite AC book. This 200+ pages of a book blew my mind in many different ways! Agatha is absolutely the Queen of Mystery! I have never freaking guessed who is killing who in any of her books and this book is in the peak of it! Totally surprising, so intelligently written! The one thing that you would like to do after reading it is to read it again. SO SO GOOD. Does it even surprise you that I have 2 Christie books in this list, you shouldn’t be. She’s something else! (see review here)

Okay so there’s a reason that this might seem odd to include this here – and it is because I haven’t finished it yet. Yes, I haven’t. I’ve contemplated a lot if I will put this here, I almost didn’t but I felt bad for not doing so because this book is just really beautiful. I did had some share of reasons for putting it off of my reading list for a few months but I promised myself to get back to it when I am ready for it. You see, I wanted to read it during the time that I will most appreciate it’s beauty. I came to a point where I am reading several books at once while reading this and it just didn’t seem right. I am more than half way, probably 200+ pages more left (it’s 700+ paged) and I want to continue with it again when I know it’s time. I just felt it won’t be fair for this book not to be listed here when it’s absolutely one of the best books I’ve ever read last year. So yeah, obviously no review yet but I will when I’m done. Be patient with me. 

And there you have it! My Top 10 Books of 2016! Let me know if we had something in common so we can fangirl together! Feels so good to be in this blog again! Talk to you again soon! Bye!

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